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Bronze Mirror

Bronze mirrors — usually made from bronze-tinted glass with a mirrored backing — are popular for a variety of commercial applications such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels. A bronze mirror can also make a beautiful statement piece in a home, office, or shopfront. The sepia-toned effect of a reflection seen in a bronze mirror offers a timeless, vintage aesthetic that’s at home both as an accent in modern developments and as an update to heritage constructions.


Did You Know?

A bronze mirror can emphasize warm lighting, especially when used as a room accent or to cover a divider or full wall. Since tinted glass is slightly less transparent than clear glass, a bronze-tinted mirror may reflect less light throughout a space, or it may soften the reflections of lamps and overhead lights. Bronze mirror glass can also create a warmer look for a person’s reflection, similar to the effect of a photo filter. The amount of tint used in the glass mixture can be adjusted to increase or decrease the colour saturation and thus increase or decrease the opacity of the glass. Heavily tinted glass can be used in privacy applications, but in general a translucent or opaque glass isn’t used in mirror glass, as opaque glass would obscure the reflective backing.

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