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Grey Mirror

Grey mirror, just like bronze mirror, is simply a tinted spin on a conventional clear or silver-backed mirror. Grey mirror is less transparent than clear mirror, and as such, offers a more subdued reflection which can help to soften and diffuse the lighting in a space. Grey mirror is perfect for large, wall-spanning applications where you want to create the illusion of additional space without causing confusion or impact risk.


Did You Know?

The smokey aesthetic of grey mirror works nicely in both contemporary and classic interior designs and can make for a subtle but elegant touch in bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. This type of tinted mirror is also ideal in commercial applications such as bars and restaurants, where the goal is to build an atmosphere rather than increase visibility. The charcoal hue of grey mirror produces a slightly cooler feel than the warm coppery tones of bronze mirror, and thus lends itself well to a more modern aesthetic. Kitchens and bathrooms with a lot of existing metallic details, or living rooms with grey or neutral-hued upholstery are complimented nicely by a grey mirror, but it can also be a striking way to ground more colorful designs. Colorful objects seen reflected in a grey mirror will appear slightly desaturated, and bright lights may appear slightly dimmer.

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