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Greenhouse Glass

One of Coniston’s first major markets in the glass and fenestration industry was supplying the greenhouse market and since inception we have supplied over [insert estimated square feet of glass to greenhouses or # of projects in North America]. We have supplied greenhouse glass on major construction projects with facilities as large as 1.3 million square feet!

Glass greenhouses may use single-pane or double-pane clear glass, depending on the size of the greenhouse and the type of agriculture for which the greenhouse is used. Glass is a superior material for greenhouse construction as it is more durable and offers superior emissivity and climate control capabilities which equates to higher crop quality and better yields.


Did You Know?

Greenhouses have long been an integral part of both agriculture and hobby gardening. Essentially a building constructed almost entirely from glass, a greenhouse is designed to let in as much natural light, including UV and infrared radiation, as possible. This creates what’s known as the “greenhouse effect,” wherein light and heat energy build up in a space and are trapped there, producing an interior climate that is several degrees warmer than outdoors and thus facilitates the growth of plants that would not normally thrive in a given regional climate.

Single-pane glass is usually suitable for smaller, private greenhouses or backyard sunrooms and atriums. Single pane glass absorbs and re-radiates heat into the greenhouse space, and glass panes with a passive low-e coating may be used to prevent heat loss at night and in colder months, keeping the greenhouse space warm enough to support healthy plant growth. With single-pane clear glass that allows almost all visible and UV light into a space, home growers can gather as much sunlight as required, or adjust as desired using shades.

Product Specifications & Availability

Coniston carries a wide variety of glass suitable for greenhouse construction and repair based on your unique specifications. To discuss your greenhouse glass requirements please contact us and we can determine how to best meet your project needs. If you are already aware of your glass requirements find out more information here:

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