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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass distributed by Coniston is ideal in a variety of applications where safety is a concern. Sports applications are common, as are those in public areas and on high balconies. Coniston distributes laminated glass with varying glass pane and interlayer thicknesses, for use in settings where impacts to the glass are a concern.


Did You Know?

Laminated glass comprises two panes of clear tempered glass with a vinyl interlayer sandwiched between them. The glass adheres to the interlayer. In the event that the glass is cracked or broken, the small shards stay in place rather than falling out of the frame, reducing the risk of injury from shattering or falling glass. As with other types of clear glass, laminated glass may be tinted or coated to produce other aesthetic and functional effects such as lowered emissivity.

In applications like windows and in sports, where there is a higher risk of impact to the glass and injury resulting from potential shatters, a common option for developers is tempered glass. Tempering is another heat-treatment process that causes the cooled glass to shatter into many tiny pieces upon impact, reducing the risk of injury from falling glass shards that are large or heavy.

Annealed and tempered varieties of glass have various applications, however, both these types of glass will still break and come apart upon impact. This can be problematic in applications where you do not want shattered glass to spread outside of the window pane or frame. Examples include high balconies and windows on upper stories where falls are a risk, as well as windows, skylights, mirrors, and glass displays in public places where there is a higher risk of impact. In such scenarios, laminated glass is the safest bet, as it will hold the glass shards in place, further reducing the risk of injury.

Product Specifications & Availability
Coniston carries a wide variety of laminated glass. Contact us for more information on product sizing and availability.

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