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TGI Spacer Bar

In combination with a high-absorbency desiccant, TGI spacer bar is the best option for reducing unwanted moisture and airflow around windows in a home, office, or other commercial development.


Did You Know?

TGI spacer bar is a hybrid type of spacer bar, made using both metal and plastic. This type of spacer bar is what’s known as a warm edge spacer, and is considered one of the most energy-efficient forms on the market today — the blend of polypropylene and steel allows for a higher degree of flexibility than steel or aluminum alone, which allows the spacer to move and shift with the glass, reducing stress on the window seals and thus maintaining the integrity of the air or gas pocket over time.

Polypropylene is a very low-conductivity material, meaning it absorbs and re-radiates very little heat energy. In a window application, a spacer bar made with polypropylene can be exposed to direct sunlight and outdoor heat for many hours without transferring a significant amount of heat through the window. In winter, a window made with TGI spacer will retain more interior heat and reduce the amount of heat lost to the outdoors. Whether you live in a cool or warm climate, TGI spacer is one window component that can reduce your annual energy bill. IG units made with TGI spacer bar are ideal in developments where heat transference is a concern.

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Coniston is an exclusive distributor of TGI spacer bar from Allmetal.

    For more information on AllMetal’s spacer bars check out their website here:

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