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Stainless Steel Spacer Bar

Stainless steel spacer bar is used in window constructions where strength and conductivity are primary concerns.


Did You Know?

The stainless steel used in window spacer applications is produced via extrusion and contains a hollow central cavity filled with desiccant. This desiccant absorbs moisture from the interlayer gas cavity. A well-made spacer bar used in conjunction with highly absorbent desiccant and an airtight window seal creates a window that retains its integrity for years, even under extreme conditions of environmental stress, such as storms, heat waves, and exterior impacts. An airtight, low-conductivity IG unit can reduce energy consumption and bills in both private homes and commercial spaces.

Product Specifications & Availability

Coniston is an exclusive distributor of stainless steel spacer bar from Allmetal. 

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