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Assembly Connectors

Well-designed assembly connectors help to manage the mechanical and atmospheric stresses placed on a window each day. They also serve to keep the integrity of the interlayer gas pocket in IG units and to maintain a strong seal against outdoor weather and the elements.


Did You Know?

While glass gets most of the attention in the production of windows, an insulated window unit is only as good as the small components that hold it all together. Without the correct spacer bar, sealants, and assembly connectors, an IG unit will not be properly sealed from the elements, and will contribute to higher energy bills, unwanted heat loss or gain, and generally poorer climate and UV control.

Coniston distributes everything you need to construct a window or IG unit with spacer and optional muntin bar — including assembly connectors. The term “assembly connectors” may be used to describe any small connecting component designed to assist in manufacturing IG units and maintaining their structure over time.

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    We carry assembly connectors only from top manufacturers who have been vetted for performance and quality.

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