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Aluminum Spacer Bar

Windows not only need to provide natural light and ventilation, but they also need to be secure and energy-efficient. Aluminum spacer bar is key in maintaining a window unit’s structural integrity, as well as in regulating the level of heat transmission from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.


Did You Know?

In double and triple-pane windows, there is a space between the glass panes. This pocket is sometimes left as-is, containing the same air as would be found indoors or outdoors. In energy-conscious multi-pane windows, a denser gas such as argon or xenon may be injected into the air pocket. These gases occur naturally in Earth’s atmosphere, but in their concentrated forms they are heavier than the air outside the window panes. These higher density gases help to reduce heat transfer from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.

A spacer bar is a piece of extruded metal or plastic that sits between panes of glass and is sealed in place. At the most basic level of function, the spacer bar serves to keep panes of glass evenly separated and to maintain the air pocket in double and triple-pane windows. A strip of spacer bar between two or more glass panes keeps the gas distributed evenly, maintaining the window’s function in regulating heat and moisture, and preventing excessive heat gain or loss through windows in a home, office, or commercial space.

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Coniston is an exclusive distributor of aluminum spacer bar from Allmetal.

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