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PIB Butyl Slugs

When the integrity of the seal is of utmost importance, a single-component seal that does not require curing may be the most reliable option. PIB butyl slugs are a form of single-component, hot-melt sealant that does not require any mixing or curing, making them a faster, more reliable option for sealing insulated glass. Made from polyisobutylene (PIB) butyl rubber, slugs of this type of sealant can simply be heated and applied to the desired surface via a glass sealant extruder to create a strong seal. PIB butyl adheres strongly to glass as well as aluminum and steel, making it ideal for a variety of window glass applications.


Did You Know?

Sealant is the unsung hero of any good IG unit or energy-efficient window. Once the glass panes and spacer bars are in place, the addition of sealant keeps the entire construction structurally sound, prevents moisture and warm or cold air from entering through the window, and maintains the integrity of the interlayer gas pocket.

There are several different types of sealants on the market today, each with unique advantages and applications. Two-component and single-component sealants usually both require some form of curing. In two-component sealants, curing occurs when the two components are mixed, setting off a chemical reaction that creates a stable seal. Single-component sealants may require curing in the form of exposure to water vapor (which happens when the sealant is removed from the packaging and applied), or heat. While these types of sealants are widely used and generally sufficient for the job, the need for a curing process opens up the potential for error or failure, which can affect the overall integrity of the seals when used across a large number of IG units.