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Garnet is a common consumable in waterjet cutting applications. Available in a variety of grades and mesh sizes, garnet distributed by Coniston supports high-performance waterjet cutting for glass as well as a variety of other materials. High-quality garnet is almost completely pure and free from materials that may affect edges and cutting ease. Using garnet in your waterjet cutter creates a more efficient jet, which can speed up your cut line and produce glass panes cut to the most exacting dimensions. A more precise glass pane means a better fit for spacers, frames, and sealants. When quality cuts are required you need a high-quality garnet.


Did You Know?

Waterjet cutting is often considered a safer alternative to saws and other blade-based cutting solutions. Though safety precautions must be exercised to keep hands away from the jet during cutting, a leak or failure in the system will generally cause a quick drop in pressure to harmless levels. Garnet supports the safer nature of waterjet cutting because it is inert and non-toxic. It will not cause injury or reaction if it comes into contact with skin, and its inert nature makes it safe for conventional disposal.  

The use of garnet as an abrasive additive also helps to reduce the amount of heat energy generated by the cutting process, further reducing the potential for unwanted damage to glass panes. Elevating the cutting capacity of the waterjet also means that the cutting process exerts minimal downward and sideways force on the object being cut, which reduces the need for heavy fixturing as the glass is less prone to movement during the cutting process.

Product Specifications & Availability

Coniston carries high-quality garnet powder in a range of grades and mesh sizes. Contact us to find the garnet that works for you!

We can arrange for standalone delivery of garnet; however, the preferred and most economical delivery is to include it in our truck loads with glass or mirror.

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