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Molsiv 2000

Keeping moisture to an absolute minimum is a crucial factor in the construction of a sealed multi-pane window or IG unit. A desiccant is an important tool for moisture reduction in every fenestration expert’s arsenal. Molsiv 2000 is a line of desiccants developed specifically for multi-pane window applications. This high-efficiency desiccant is used to absorb even the tiny amount of moisture that may infiltrate a sealed IG unit over time and in extreme weather conditions.

Desiccant is a powdery substance, composed of many small beads, that serves to absorb excess moisture from the air around it. There are a variety of factors that determine what makes a good desiccant for window applications. In the manufacture and design of windows and IG units, desiccant is used to pack the hollow interior of metal spacer bars. The material works in conjunction with sealants and corner assembly components to maintain an airtight and watertight seal for the panes of glass.


Did You Know?

Molsiv is short for molecular sieve, which describes the adsorption system of the beads in the desiccant. Molecular sieve desiccants have a crystalline structure with microscopic, uniform pores that are capable of removing virtually all water from a liquid or gaseous environment. Molecular sieve desiccants are several times more efficient at removing moisture than other common desiccants such as silica gel and activated alumina, and molecular sieve desiccants can be regenerated by heating them to a certain temperature to remove collected moisture. Molecular sieve desiccants are categorized by the size of the pores in each bead (measured in angstroms), which determines the environment where they are best suited for use.

Moisture infiltration can affect the longevity of an IG unit in several ways. Excessive moisture can cause mold and mildew, which affect not only the structural integrity of the window, but the interior air quality, as well. Water within the glass and spacer can also freeze, causing damage to window components over time. Condensation in between window panes is unsightly, and can be a sign that a seal is broken or has developed weaknesses or impurities.

Molecular sieve desiccant is an easy-to-use solution for removing effectively all water from a space such as the interior of an IG unit. The ease of use of this type of desiccant, as compared to other adsorption systems with similar effectiveness, makes Molsiv 2000 a popular choice for a variety of engineering applications, including the manufacture of multi-pane windows.

Product Specifications & Availability

Coniston distributes Molsiv 2000 desiccant in 10 x 20 and 16 x 40 bead sizes, so you can select the bead dimensions that will best support your requirements. Contact us directly for additional product specifications.