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Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is a variation on traditional clear float glass that is subtly coloured through the addition of different minerals to the raw glass mix. This type of glass has a variety of applications, and tinted glass used in homes and offices usually offers a subtler shade than the types of tinted glass found in automotive applications. A glass pane with a subtle tint may be used on the outside of a double-pane insulating glass unit to further reduce the amount of heat energy gained through a large window that gets a high amount of direct sunlight during the day.

Tinted glass is available in many different colors, and Coniston distributes glass in a variety of tints, so you can find what you’re looking for whether you’re after aesthetic qualities or glass that will help to reduce glare in sun-facing windows or in spaces with artificial lighting.




Did You Know?

For applications where aesthetic qualities or glare resistance are more important than pure visibility, tinted glass is an option for bringing an element of neutral color to a window, door, balcony, or mirror, while reducing light and heat transmission. The concentration of certain minerals can be increased or decreased to create glass that has a darker or subtler tint, respectively. Tint can also be added after manufacturing in the form of a chemical coating.

Uses for tinted glass are widely varied. Tinted glass is common in applications where natural light needs to be balanced with climate and glare control. Decorative additions of tinted glass may be used in front doors, to allow a measure of natural light through while still protecting privacy. Tinted glass is also frequently used in room dividers and on balconies, particularly ground floor balconies and patios where it can help to obscure the occupants from passing cars and foot traffic. 

While tinted glass can be produced in a variety of shades, the most common ones are neutrals including bronze, grey, and blue-green. A very subtle grey tint is popular for reducing glare in windows. A grey tint will block some light from passing through the window, but the color is neutral enough that the tint is basically invisible to the naked eye, allowing for the preservation of views while maintaining better energy efficiency.

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Coniston carries a wide variety of tinted glass. Contact us for more information on product sizing and availability.

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