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Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is used in larger developments, like multi-story buildings, where entire walls are made from floor-to-ceiling glass. Reflective glass reduces heat transference and sunlight glare and is a cost-effective material when used on an entire building facade.


Did You Know?

If you’ve ever seen midday sun reflecting off a skyscraper, you’ve probably seen reflective glass. Reflective glass is not mirror, but a form of clear glass that has a thin metallic coating applied to one side. The glass is still transparent up close, but when seen from a distance it appears mirrored and opaque. This mirrored effect is not purely aesthetic — the light-reflecting quality of this type of glass means more sunlight bounces off the exterior of a building rather than being absorbed and re-radiated. This process can significantly reduce heat transmission and glare, assisting with climate control in large indoor spaces.

Product Specifications & Availability
Coniston carries a wide variety of reflective glass. Contact us for more information on product sizing and availability.

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