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Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is ideal for aesthetic applications and provides a unique look that can be especially striking in small windows, or when used in conjunction with panes of clear glass. Patterned glass has been popular for many decades and is often found in developments that emphasize a vintage look. Because glass patterning interferes with the clarity of the glass, this type of glass is also frequently used in bathrooms and other places where diffuse natural light is desired over transparency.



Did You Know?

Complete transparency is not always the most desired trait for glass. As with applications like acid-etching, sometimes a decorative approach that emphasizes aesthetics over clarity is what you need to elevate your development or project.

The manufacturing of patterned glass usually involves pressing a patterned roller onto the surface of a sheet of clear float glass, while it is cooling but still soft. Since the pattern is determined by the design of the roller, there are theoretically infinite possibilities for what types of patterns can be produced. There are hundreds of different glass patterns available on the market today, and many more that have been phased out of current production but that can still be found as rarities and antiques. Due to manufacturing constraints, and because patterned glass makes up only about 10 percent of the glass industry, most manufacturers choose to produce only a small selection of popular glass patterns, aimed at customers serving local markets.

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