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Low Iron Glass

Low-iron glass is manufactured with materials containing the lowest possible concentration of iron particles, making it a good solution when you need the clearest glass possible, even at higher thicknesses and in multi-pane applications. Low-iron glass may be used in architectural applications with an emphasis on natural light and spectacular views. It can also be ideal for display setups where thicker, sturdier glass is required but optimal visibility is also a concern.



Did You Know?

In the glass making process, a variety of different inputs are used as raw material. Most types of glass are made from a combination of silica sand, soda ash, sodium carbonate, lime, and other minerals, which are melted down into a material with a taffy-like consistency. This raw material is then floated, pulled, and rolled out to a uniform thickness.

Iron is a mineral that often appears in the glass mixture, due in part to the fact that many of the materials and processes used in glass manufacturing naturally carry trace amounts of iron. In many scenarios, it isn’t a problem for glass to contain a small amount of iron — especially in applications where the glass must be very thin, or non-transparent.

The potential problem with iron in glass is that it affects the clarity of the glass, especially as the glass thickness increases. General-purpose, unprocessed float glass is not 100 percent clear — it actually has a greenish-blue tint when seen under light. If you’ve ever seen several panes of clear float glass stacked on top of each other, you’ve probably noticed that the whole stack tends to take on a translucent green hue. This effect is also noticeable if you look at a thick pane of glass from the side.

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