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Acid Etched Glass

For applications where privacy is a consideration, acid-etched glass is a good option for letting in light while masking visibility. Acid-etching can be used to create glass with a flat, translucent texture, or to decorate panes of glass with intricate geometric designs and imagery.



Did You Know?

In the manufacturing of acid etched glass, one side of a sheet of float glass is dipped in an acidic substance — commonly, hydrofluoric acid — producing a rougher texture and a finish that looks lightly weathered or “frosted”. The acid-etching process creates glass that is translucent rather than transparent. Double-sided acid-etched glass, in which both sides of the glass sheet are acid-dipped, is an additional option that offers even more opacity and is a good choice for applications like room dividers and shower doors, where privacy is prioritized over natural light.

While basic acid-etched glass is uniformly textured with an all-over frosted appearance, the acid-etching process can easily be manipulated to create patterns and shapes for a more decorative glass appearance. Rather than treating the entire surface of a glass pane, hydrofluoric acid can be applied to a small section, or to points across the surface of the glass in a specific pattern. This type of glass is perfect for interior applications and decorative accents. The translucent appearance is ideal for shower doors, bathroom windows, and indoor partitions, allowing for a sense of privacy while balancing a more open feeling than would be permitted by opaque dividers.

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