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Tony Scigilano

Tony Scigilano


Do you have previous experience in the glass/fenestration industry, or other qualifications that you are proud of? I’ve spent 45 years working in the glass industry roles and I have immense pride in the career I have enjoyed and the relationships I have built along the way.

What does a typical work day look like for you? My day typically starts at 7 am and each day seems to present unique opportunities and challenges. My primary role is to help solve problems and look for opportunities. Within any day I might be helping a customer secure a last minute order to support their float line, working with our logistics team overcome a procurement challenge, or looking into new products for Coniston to carry. We are doing big things at Coniston and every day is an opportunity for us to grow in the right direction!

In a sentence, how do you think your colleagues would describe you? Tony loves to win and has a great time doing it.

What’s something that you find interesting or enjoyable about working at Consiton or in glass/fenestration in general? I love the people in this industry and the relationships that I have built over the years. The industry has evolved significantly over the past 45 years through technology and innovation. There is always something interesting to learn about or a new opportunity to pursue.

Outside of work, what’s something that you enjoy doing? First and foremost I am a family man, and I love spending time with my wife Gina and my two daughters Alexis and Bianca. In my youth I was a semi-professional soccer player and am an avid supporter of Juventus FC to this day. These days my sport of choice is golf and I like to get out at least once a week for a round. Last year Gina and I travelled to Italy and I am looking forward spending more time travelling in the coming years.