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Ria Awas

Ria Awas

Accounts Payable

How long have you been working for Coniston? 7 years

Do you have previous experience in the glass/fenestration industry, or other qualifications that you are proud of?  High quality of work and supporting the team.

What does a typical work day look like for you? – I usually start my day at 7:30 am and the first part of the morning is a little bit crazy making sure I support the logistics team receive and fulfill outbound orders. Once that is completed in the morning I am focussed on supporting in-bound orders to our warehouse and helping Tony manage his day. The afternoon may involves taking inbound calls and performing accounting activities.

In a sentence, how do you think your colleagues would describe you? Always smiling and having a good time.

What’s something that you find interesting or enjoyable about working at Coniston or in glass/fenestration in general? Working with people and being a team player. I also always enjoy when Customers paying on time!

Outside of work, what’s something that you enjoy doing? I like going out for walks in nature and meeting up with friends and family. I am also a big fan of the Beatles and the Bee Gees mixed in with a little bit of Country Music.