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Coniston is proud to distribute quality glass and fenestration supplies to a wide variety of clients throughout North America, including Canada and the United States.

Our Partners

Our current list of suppliers includes:

  • Vitro
  • Cardinal Glass 
  • All Metal 
  • Technoform
  • Alcot Plastics
  • Adept Corp
  • Alumico
  • Fenzi
  • Sino Garnet
Working directly with suppliers allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of new glass manufacturing techniques and technologies, as well as innovations in glass materials and products. Coniston’s North American location and diverse customer base puts us in the perfect position to help you supply international customers with your glass materials while focusing on your manufacturing line, rather than on shipping and logistics. Our connections to North American fenestration companies, glass and window manufacturers, and other developers allows us to maintain inventory with the products that sell best in a North American market.
At Coniston, we supply glass and fenestration products to highly professional and established window and door manufacturers, real estate developers, and greenhouse builders on both an ongoing basis, and for one-off projects. Working with Coniston as a supplier gives you an easy path to a large North American market, and consistent sales for glass and glass products. Working with Coniston as a supplier gives you product representation with North American architects, engineering procurement experts, glaziers, and construction teams. If you are a supplier of high-quality glass and fenestration materials and would like to work with us, contact us to speak directly with a representative.

Our Partners

Become a Supplier

Would you like to be our partner? To become a supplier simply fill out this form and we will review it and contact you within 1-2 business days.